Advanced Manual Smart Contract Audits

We’ve been hired by over 360+ blockchain startups and corporations to audit their smart contracts at an affordable cost. 

Our audits will take around 24 hours depending on the availability of our broad team of experts available. Updates about the status of the audit can always be requested.

Not only reoccuring vulnerabilities like re-entrancy, gas limit issue, frontrunning will be checked. All potential vulnerabilities will be checked and tested to deliver a quality audit.

Coinsult has a broad team of experienced members. After the establishment of Coinsult in 2019 many projects have been audited successfully. 

Coinsult audit service is available for various major blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana and many others on request.

The Auditing Process

Step 1

Request an audit by providing the required information in the application form

Step 2

The team will contact you via either Telegram or email

Step 3

Select the desired package and make the payment

Step 4

The Coinsult team will start the manual audit after receiving the payment

Step 5

An initial report will be privately shared with the project owner

Step 6

Project optimize the contract or agrees to publicly share the audit on the website

Audit is complete


“The knowledge of the Coinsult experts are visible in the quality of their audits and efficient communication. Very satisfied with the Coinsult audit.”

“Establishing investor trust by auditing our smart contract at Coinsult was beneficial to the performance of our project. Even after the audit was finalized the Coinsult team has helped us with multiple questions.”

“The quick turnaround of the audits and excellent service they provide was the main reason we have chosen for Coinsult. Thanks again.”

“Very satisfied by the service the Coinsult team has provided. They are very responsive, trustworthy and care about your project success.”

Why Coinsult?

Just like any other software, smart contracts come with security vulnerabilities. Therefore, a smart contract audit is necessary for ensuring that smart contracts are free of any security issues. Also, the audit will show where the smart contract can be optimized to ensure ideal levels of performance.

Furthermore, an audit will provide investor trust as it proves that the contract will perform up to standard and investors of the project will not lose millions of dollars due to an error in the contract. Also, the legitimacy of the project increases after a completed audit. This legitimacy will open doors to being listed on platforms such as CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.