META-V pioneers a convergence of blockchain, VR, and AI, crafting an immersive metaverse. With experts in gaming, blockchain, and VR, META-V transcends digital boundaries, enabling innovative living, working, and interaction. Their presale offers META-V tokens, an excellent investment opportunity for enthusiasts and investors.


Uploaded by YouTube Co-Founder, Steve Chen in 2005. Steve Chen is a holder, community member and a member of the $PAJAMAS team




Refers to the creation of new tokens within the contract’s ecosystem.

Refers to prohibiting specific addresses from using the contract’s ecosystem.

Refers to a possible state of the contract where nobody can sell their assets.

Refers to the possibility of the owner setting the maximum amount of sell fee.

Refers to if the owner needs to take action to enable trading, or if trading is enabled already. 

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introducing $DUCKFORD: Built on the Solana blockchain, our coin infuses meme culture with tangible value. With a dedicated focus on community engagement, we're launching a marketplace where holders can buy and sell meme-themed merchandise effortlessly. Imagine owning exclusive, limited-edition items inspired by your favorite internet memes, all purchasable using $DUCKFORD. But that's not all; our marketplace isn't just for us – it's open for everyone. Whether you're an artist, a creator, or just someone with a great idea, our platform welcomes all. Showcase your creativity, sell your merchandise, and join the vibrant SolanaMemeCoin community. Embrace the future of meme-inspired commerce on Solana – where laughter meets innovation, and everyone has a seat at the table. Join us and let's redefine the possibilities of meme culture together.


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This audit report has been prepared by Coinsult’s experts at the request of the client. In this audit, the results of the static analysis and the manual code review will be presented. The purpose of the audit is to see if the functions work as intended, and to identify potential security issues within the smart contract.

The information in this report should be used to understand the risks associated with the smart contract. This report can be used as a guide for the development team on how the contract could possibly be improved by remediating the issues that were identified.

Coinsult is not responsible if a project turns out to be a scam, rug-pull or honeypot. We only provide a detailed analysis for your own research.

Coinsult is not responsible for any financial losses. Nothing in this contract audit is financial advice, please do your own research.

The information provided in this audit is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. Coinsult does not endorse, recommend, support or suggest to invest in any project.

Coinsult can not be held responsible for when a project turns out to be a rug-pull, honeypot or scam.